29 April 2012

Here I am…

another sewing addict putting in her two cents into the already well-established sewing/crafting bloggersphere.
As this is my first post, I thought I will start with the first garment I made – and most important – actually wear. Even, if not right now anymore, the temperatures are finally rising in northern Germany. I finished this project one and a half year ago when I picked up sewing again. Honestly, it is not the first thing a made back that time but the other is a well-hidden ufo for times when we know each other better.
On to the project. I am a regular jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and so I try to keep my sewing to fit that style. There was a nice discussion going on over at the lovely sewaholic blog about what you sew and actually wear and need. I try to focus more on cake than frosting (see the link for understanding).
So the requirements for this garment were an easy pattern for something you could wear every day, I picked a hooded sweater (Jalie 2453, i think it is out of print), and an easy to sew with fabric, I chose fleece. But for a little bit of challenge I went for black, luckily my sewing machine has a good lighting. 
Because my camera has decides to become a little diva, she only works on batteries on full - and I mean full- capacity there is to time to waste for weird posing or blinking. Until I get this fixed my sewing companion 'purple sew' will model them for you.
Tataa, here is the result:
The only alteration I made was to line the hood with a cotton print because I am obsessed with visible crazy lining and to add a bit of it to the panels of the front pouch. The pattern came easily together and I remember the instruction being easy to follow, but hey, it is just a simple sweater and not quantum physics. For size choosing I took the complex way of measuring the width of an rtw fleece hoodie from my wardrobe. As the black fleece is a bit thinner than the one from the rtw hoodie the sweater turned out with a bit looser fitting. But this way all the wintertime required layers fit smoothly beneath it. The hoodie got worn a lot and so I did a second version last winter with a red/blue double fleece. That way I could skip the lining. But I wasn’t eager for three layer seams in the hood (this fleece is really sturdy) and so I did the hemming with some stripped tape. I also used it to sew on the pouch. That gives the front some extra detailing and it isn’t totally plain blue. But see for yourself.
I have plans for a third version with three different colours going across the front and back inspired by some streetwear designs and a very elaborate lining for the hood I painted myself. So far, everything is cut but only the hood is sewn. But with spring finally arriving who knows when the pieces will eventually come together. But promised, they will. For the moment just a short sneak peek:
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