29 May 2012

a little bit of sewing

Remember my recent fabric haul, there are two more cotton prints that didn’t make it long. The daughter of a friend turned one last week, so I used the chance to knock out some cute little overall, following ottobre design 3/2011 pattern No. 3. I also used the opportunity to make my own bias tape for the first time. I used the fabric on the very right for it. I think you can glimpse one or two flowers of the print. There are a few tutorials online available (I like this one) and I really recommend reading them carefully and completly in advance and maybe even in between the process. I thought I had understood the principle and so I went to the sewing room and I’ve cut and sewed and marked and - ended up with grainline tape. Lucky for me, I realised this quickly and could still fix it. And right know I’m playing around with the thought of buying this gadget, seen over at my tutorial source. Self-made bias tape is much softer and nicer than the stiff, pre-folded one available. And you can get all the designs you love.
As the pattern is very straight forward for me the most challenging part was to sew on the bias tape, it is a bit wobbly but still wearable. I just need more training with this. But see for yourself:
In general, I’m always amazed how little fabric you need for a toddlers garment. I haven’t measured it but I think I got away with just half a meter for the main fabric. Now there is only to hope that the girl and the overall fit together nicely somewhere during summertime. Happy birthday little Hanna!
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22 May 2012

MMM 2012: week 3

Another week of MeMadeMay is awaiting you. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I were going to make it through the whole month, but now this is fun and I am confident to achieve my aim.
We are starting with a ruffled scarf made out of scraps, four stripes with an elastic in between and you are done.

This wrap shirt is a proof that there is definitely a need for a fabric stash. I found this remnant on a former fabric market visit with no idea what to do with it. It’s wool (blend? Judging from the smell after washing it has a high wool content) single knit with a lot of stretch. Only a few days later the postman delivered the new burda style issue and there it was, the perfect fit. I couldn’t squeeze the sleeves in one piece out of my remnant, hence I added cuffs to them and now it’s one of my favourite pieces.

Now one piece I have already shown you last week, but now in a red’n’blue overkill combination, there is never enough red’blue in my life. Honestly, I’d love to live in a Tommy Hilfiger ad.

The next shirt is just altered by me.  Originally this was bought to use up the fabric, but I didn’t have the heart to cut into a pristine shirt.  I’ve taken in the sleeves and ruffled the bottom part of this slightly oversized shirt, but so far I’m not completely satisfied with the fit and might alter it a bit more. I’m thinking something with the neckline.
Have you ever heard of Victory Patterns? It’s really worth a look. These patterns were introduced to me through Tilly’s ‘A day in the life of…’ series. There came a discount with the post, so I grabbed Chloe and Lola. I’ve still no idea who is Chloe, but meet Lola:
And remember the week started with a scarf and last week started with a hat? Suddenly summer has arrived (I’m talking 25 °C and more) and it became time for a maxi skirt. I made this following this tutorial in one afternoon. Everything you need to know for this, is your hip measurement (yeah, that can be scary, but as a sewer you’re getting used to things like this, and only honesty will result in a good fit) and the distance waist floor, that’s it. I’ve already plans for another version, but this time with panels getting longer from top to bottom. Next Monday is a public holiday, we will see…
Ten more days to go, I hope I'm prepared for the on-going heat wave.
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20 May 2012

MMM 2012: week 2

Here it is, the long overdue MMM post for the second week. The one for week No. 3 will follow very soon. Let's get started with one garment I wasn't hoping to include, but last week the mornings were freezing again, and on my daily ride to work it was time for my hat with a reflecting piping. It is based on the pattern that comes with the Jalie (2453) Hoodie pattern (there is also a pattern for fleece socks included, no experience with those). But to add the piping I sliced the pattern into four pieces and I also added kind of a lining. The fabric came from two old shirts, so the most expensive part might have been the piping.
The fabric I used for the next item didn’t make it long. Bought, washed and already a cowl neck Renfrew top. It is one of my two for ten treasured I brought home from my recent hunt. I saw and liked the fabric before somewhere online and now I came across it in real life and couldn’t resist anymore. As the fabric has no stretch at all I skipped the bindings and just lengthened the body and the sleeves and hemmed them the normal way. This shirt will become a steady companion.
The next one is another of the seven Zoelas I have made. This one has a lot of ladybeetles and the colour of the neck binding is personally chosen by Mr Kat, I think he did a fantastic job here

With the next piece I have some trouble to name it well, it is kind of a bolero, I think. I have traced around a knitted version I bought some time back from a Swedish clothing company. When you lay it flat on the table it looks like sweater with no opening for the head. Mr Kat is undecided if he approves it or not. But I like it for warmer day and the colours are two of my favorites, especially in combination.
And now we have a first. A SKIRT! It’s from burda style magazine (I have a subscription). I like it a lot, because it is kind of dressy and comfy (jersey), a much appreciated combination.
That's it for week 2
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