18 May 2012

Good Kat hunting

The still due MMM week 2 post is in work. A lot of re-enactment has been going on over the week. But first to one of the most favourite parts of sewing, fabric shopping!!!
I've been on a hunt - a fabric hunt. And this is what I brought home:

In my town twice a year you get the chance to visit a Dutch fabric market. A complete marketplace full of fabric and related stuff. Twice a year I'm in heaven. Most of the sellers are permanent and really from the Netherlands but also local fabric shops can join and every Saturday and Sunday they open their market in different towns across Germany.
I got everything I had on my list but also a few things unplanned, of course. Temptation is high at a place like this and I couldn’t resist every time. Prices are reasonable but not general low, but you can get remnants (usually 1,5 m) at a got deal, like two or three for € 10. I have marked my future sewing plan on the picture, as you can see, some will go directly to my stash and wait for inspiration to hit. But a few you are going to see in my next post as participants of MMM. This month is making me quite productive. So, stay tuned for more to come.

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