06 May 2012

MMM 2012: week 1

It‘s time for the first round in MMM2012. As a smooth start on the evening (hence the dark picture) of May 1st and the whole May 2nd I wore a self-embellished polo shirt. I got the shirt on sale for almost nothing, but it had an untidy embroidery where is now the star. And apart from the usual way it is stitched underneath the main fabric and not on top and cut free afterwards. I’ve seen and liked this on an rtw shirt which belongs to Mr Kat and used this technique a few times since. The stencil for the star accompanies me for already about 15 year. There are few items with this exact shape in my and also Mr Kat’s wardrobe (and maybe some friends’ as well) and this shirt is not the last item with this star you are going to see.

On May 3rd we are increasing the sewing amount. A complete shirt! The Pattern is called Zoela from Farbenmix. I have a thing for raglan shirts and was really happy when I found this pattern. The mix and match possibilities are endless, you can play around as you like. And it is nice for using up bigger scraps. Want a simpler look? You can switch to one solid colour. As you might realise, I like this pattern a lot. I have already 7 (yes, seven, hello OWOP) versions. But, yes, there is a but, I am not really into the bell-shaped sleeves. If you pull a cardigan with a regular tapered cuff over it, you end up with some extra fabric around your wrist. But that’s nothing a ruler and a pen can’t change.

And now the next shirt pattern I am raving about lately: the Renfrew Top by Sewaholic Patterns. This May 4th version is the first one. You will come across a few more during this month. And yes, there are green and white stripped hippos on the fabric (and not guinea pigs as a colleague supposed) and I love it right now, even though I think, I need to resew the neckband. In my opinion it is slightly too wide. I cut it as the pattern said but had already a feeling; obviously you have to follow your guts once a while.

On Saturdays we use to hit the stores and get our supplies for the week. So May 5th was the perfect day for one of the many bags a have sewn. But this is the first one after I’ve picked up sewing again and I’ve put some more thinking in. It has a lefty- friendly (easy to open!) zipper closed inside pocked and a magnetic closure. And remember the stars? There is even one on the back side. I really enjoy that you are able to add these little details to the things you make. And the stars match the pillow perfectly, no idea why;-)

That’s it for this week, today is my day off from MMM, what isn’t completely true as I’m wearing the same outfit as on May 3rd. I have rearranged my sewing room today. And have now a (even though small) cutting table in it, hurray! Hope it will help me to quickly finish this love. Recognize it?

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