20 May 2012

MMM 2012: week 2

Here it is, the long overdue MMM post for the second week. The one for week No. 3 will follow very soon. Let's get started with one garment I wasn't hoping to include, but last week the mornings were freezing again, and on my daily ride to work it was time for my hat with a reflecting piping. It is based on the pattern that comes with the Jalie (2453) Hoodie pattern (there is also a pattern for fleece socks included, no experience with those). But to add the piping I sliced the pattern into four pieces and I also added kind of a lining. The fabric came from two old shirts, so the most expensive part might have been the piping.
The fabric I used for the next item didn’t make it long. Bought, washed and already a cowl neck Renfrew top. It is one of my two for ten treasured I brought home from my recent hunt. I saw and liked the fabric before somewhere online and now I came across it in real life and couldn’t resist anymore. As the fabric has no stretch at all I skipped the bindings and just lengthened the body and the sleeves and hemmed them the normal way. This shirt will become a steady companion.
The next one is another of the seven Zoelas I have made. This one has a lot of ladybeetles and the colour of the neck binding is personally chosen by Mr Kat, I think he did a fantastic job here

With the next piece I have some trouble to name it well, it is kind of a bolero, I think. I have traced around a knitted version I bought some time back from a Swedish clothing company. When you lay it flat on the table it looks like sweater with no opening for the head. Mr Kat is undecided if he approves it or not. But I like it for warmer day and the colours are two of my favorites, especially in combination.
And now we have a first. A SKIRT! It’s from burda style magazine (I have a subscription). I like it a lot, because it is kind of dressy and comfy (jersey), a much appreciated combination.
That's it for week 2
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