19 May 2014

Belcarra sew-along: the preparation and fabric purchase ban

The moment the Gabriola skirt was released by Tasia from Sewaholic I was all about the blouse she had it combined with in the announcement. So I was quiet relieved when she wrote that this blouse is going to be the next new Sewaholic pattern. It’s released now, called Belcarra blouse and even available as PDF, what is new for Sewaholic and more important on sale right now!
As much as I like to support small businesses it can be pretty expensive to buy their patterns from/in Germany if the patterns aren’t available as PDF. International shipping can be high or if they are sold here (I found this German pattern shop a few weeks ago, they carry a lot of independent designers) the retail price can be pretty high. Meaning, if there is a PDF option I usually go for it.
I had totally forgotten about the sew-along announced together with the release. The happier I was when I read about it in the last posts over at So far I’ve never participated in one and I thought to myself, I’m going to sew the blouse anyway, so why not grab the opportunity and sew-along with others. So I’m in! What about you? It will start May 26th, so there is still time to prepare if you want to join!

Before I present my fabric choices, I haven’t decided, yet, there is something fabric related I’ve got to confess.
A few weeks ago I was searching through my fabric stash for a certain fabric. I couldn’t find it. But what I found were at least three fabric pieces I had totally forgotten about. I’ve usually a good memory so this took me a little by surprise and made me realize: I definitively need an inventory and no more fabric for at least 5 months (at the beginning of October there will be a fabric market in town, I can’t make myself to resist) unless it will help to reduce my stash and is needed to make a specified garment, let’s say like a lining. The moment I hit the publish button it’s out there and can’t be taken back. Hopefully this puts enough pressure on me to resist future tempting fabric offers. You are allowed to look down on me, if I fail.
What’s about you, how do you stash? Not at all, neatly organized or have you given up and accepted that you are an uncontrolled fabric hoarder? Tell me, what works best for you?

So, respecting my fabric purchase ban, I went stash shopping and found two possible options, both non-stretchy (can one say that or what is the correct term?) jerseys with a lot (too much ???) drape. No. 1 a pretty thin jersey in white, blue, green and brown.

No. 2 a grey jersey with millions of shoes printed on.

Which one would you pick? Stay tuned for my decision.

Thanks for stopping by, Kat

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