27 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014: Petit Pan Special Edition

Hey, everyone!
As earlier announced here is the Me-Made-May-Special-Edition. For my birthday in 2013 a dear friend sent me a package full of cute notions from Petit Pan, a Belgian company I hadn’t heard of before. They carry fabric, buttons, bias tape,... but also napkins, duvets, bibs, you name it … hop over and see for yourself. Even extra special, their bias tape comes on these adorable wooden spools.

 Here is a better picture of the two designs my friend chose.
Along with the bias tape came tiny apple buttons, which required a pattern with just decorative buttons, you (better I) don’t feel like actually buttoning these little things.
First the light blue bias tape found its way into a garment. It’s this burda style pattern and maybe the fabric has a little too much body. Mr. Kat says it reminds him of surgeon scrubs. Who has watched too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy here, I ask? But it’s light and nice for summer. Next time I might go down a size on the pattern. Something I have experienced quite some times with burda patterns lately that have gathering or pleating at the neckline. These have a lot of ease around the chest.
Let’s move on to the orange bias tape, shall we? The tape found its perfect companion in my fabric stash the moment it arrived. What was missing was the right pattern to combine both with. Along came the Scout Tee from Grainline Studio, even on discount on Black Friday, yay! I was able to squeeze it out of the metre of my fabric and the fit is spot on, more are already in the making.

Have you noticed my genius way of hiding that I’m still holding my camera remote while taking the picture?
For a little visual interest I added a back slit and by it even a little more of the bias tape!
It might be really simple but I love, love, love this shirt. Definitively one of my favourite makes ever.

On to the tiny apple buttons: The Esme Top by Sew Liberated was my choice because the buttons aren’t really functioning. I made two modifications to it. I shortened it about 10 cm. Tunics don’t flatter my widerish hips and it avoids the maternity look. At least people can confirm for themselves that there is no baby-bump hiding underneath. And I made the sleeves’ hem bands slimmer; otherwise they would have gotten squeezed up in my elbow every time I’d used it. Next time I might go down a size or at least take some fabric out of the back, because there is a whole lot of it. And as you might already have read about the pattern, the instructions are basic and not very beginner friendly. There is a video you get access to when you purchase the pattern that I didn’t bother with. I cannot say anything about the usefulness of this thing.
Here is a blurry detail shot of the buttons where you can also see my orange topstitching to accommodate the orangey red apples
Well, that's it with the special issue, no Renfrew shirt in this post, can't promise this for the last one for Me-Made-May 2014, or can I? We will see!

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