14 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014 round 2

Following up is the second round of my Me-Made-May outfits. Watch out this is a hell of a mixture.

We start with my 29058283. make of Jalie 2453 (oop). Other versions can be found here (I even finished the one in progress at the end of the post). No need to worry, nobody is pointing anything at me. I’m just showing you the contrasting hem bands I added.

Next is my burda style wrap shirt I wore for two days (something I do a lot, as you will notice). I love this shirt because it’s a nice mixture of dressy and comfy.
On May 10. Mr. Kat and I attended a wedding. Of course I had nothing to wear. A least no complete outfit (a kept telling mysel). Usually I’d consider Pinterest a gigantic time trap, but this time it came in really handy. Turns out I have a thing for long (circle) skirts, deep v-necks and boat necks. (Check out my sewing inspiration board!) So I remembered a floor-length (almost circle) skirt I wore to my school graduation many moons ago and decided to combine it with a deep v-neck top plus a chiffon boat neck top for a little bit of decency. The v-neck thing is based on the Renfrew pattern (notes for next time: tighter under the arm and do a v-neck gapping alteration). For the chiffon top I used this burda style ‘pattern’. It’s not really a pattern, just measurements. Instead of a slightly rounded neckline I went for straight lines. But be aware that this reduces the circumference of the opening, which I didn’t. So my mantra for the evening was: First wiggle into the top, then do hair! And all seams (even the seams allowance) are finished with a rolled hem by hand. That little su*ker took evenings nights to finish.

Instead of stola I made Kelli’s cocoon cardigan. But it was really warm there, so no need for it, hence no picture of it. The only picture I’ve got is from after the party and thefore after dancing and drinking and more dancing at 3 in the morning in your hotel’s hallway. My photographer wasn’t really eager to get the complete look, so this one must do:

For Sunday I picked my turtleneckish variation of the Scout Tee. I’ve got no idea how to describe the fabric I used (nether in German nor in English). It’s kind of a mesh with a flocked (?) floral surface. If you are wondering, there are tiny snaps at one shoulder seam to get in and out.

And the last in this round’s mixture is a cardigan made out of no-stretch-at-all cotton jersey. It’s also no-fraying-at-all, making all seams left unfinished and curled to the max. I used this tutorial, omitting the collar, and based it on my trusty Renfrew pattern

Quiet a collection for these few days, don’t you think? Almost half way through May, picture for today is taken and awaiting you next time.

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