10 June 2014

It's done: The Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic

Hey everyone,
I’m a bit late to present my result of the Belcarra blouse sew-along by Sewaholic. But I can assure you that top was ready on time and even got to see the outer world with me the very same day. As I’ve mentioned in my preparation post I bought the pattern as a pdf. It’s very different what people don’t like about sewing, for me, it’s definitively pattern tracing, says the girl with the burda style subscription. Yes, I know, I’m a hole contradiction. But on the other hand I could never get myself to cut into a multi-sized pattern. What if I want to make that piece again when I’m old and fat? To avoid this dilemma if there is a pdf-pattern option, I usually go for it, as I don’t mind the taping. And let me tell you that this is a very clever pdf pattern. It’s got a grip!
See the quadratic pattern that surrounds the pattern piece. I think, it’s genius as it helps massively to get everything lined up properly.
I cut my usual Sewaholic size but was a bit skeptical how it would turn out, because the garment measurement chart promised about 10 cm of ease around the bust. But, for a breezy summer top it turned out fine. Speaking of fabric, I chose the blue green brown knit from my two stash options. See how light it is, perfect for the resent un-seasonal heat-wave.
The fit is not too loose as I was afraid. But a size smaller wouldn’t do any harm as well, I guess.
I followed mostly the sew-along and haven’t read the instructions, yet. But as you can see in the picture taken against the light, I finished the raglan seams together, because the fabric would never hold a seam pressed open. And despite it’s a knit fabric I folded the hem twice before stitching it down with a straight stitch, no need for stretchiness here. Everything else is done just as the sew-along told me to do. I waited patiently for every single post before I performed the next step, just to make sure not to mess up by dashing ahead and missing a trick. I’m not sure if this is part of the instructions but there was actually a gimmick given by Caroline on how to attach the cuffs. I guess it was not mandatory for me as I was using a knit but for a woven you might especially want to read this and this post.
I chose the option with the folded cuffs only. But already this feature gets a bit lost in the busyness of the pattern.
The next version, probably my other possible fabric choice will also become a Belcarra after all, might need a tiny sway back adjustment and maybe a narrow back as well (?). I’m not completely sure how to perform this all on a raglan style top, but the www will hopefully help, as it has done already so many times.
And on the next blouse I will reduce a bit of the flared style down from the waist. I’ve tried to capture what I mean here.
After all it’s an easy, quick and versatile pattern dressed up or down depending on the fabric choice. I already have plans for a few more to make. What about you?
Thanks for stopping by, Kat

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  1. Love the fabric Kat. Great Belcarra, it looks lovely on you. So happy you followed along with the sew-along. Thank you for sharing!