30 June 2014

It's done: The Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations

Hey everyone!
It’s about time for one of the finished items announced in my previous post. Within a few days I stumbled over this pattern here and here and really liked the different versions of the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations. A few mouse clicks later I owned the pattern myself and went to work with no idea what fabric to use and since I was already on stashbusting-mode it took some time to find the right fabric piece.
This double knit of a different kind won.
I bought this in April on the biannual fabric market in my town with no specific project in mind making it my first creation for the #summerstashbust14. It wasn’t exactly on the cheap side so I got only one meter for a short-sleeved top or a knee-length skirt. The instructions for the Julia cardigan call for a lot yardage (does one say that even when thinking in meters?) even for the cap sleeved version, but I squeezed my version in size M out of 1 m and a remnant for the ‘lining’ of the collar. Let me show you my lay-out.
For reference the cutting ruler at the bottom is 60 cm long. On a wider fabric like mine (about 1,5 m) there is enough space for the bigger sizes as well. For the long-sleeved option I think twice the length of the collar piece of a 1,5 m wide fabric should be enough. I will keep you up-dated when I attempt this for winter in a bigger size, but we will come to this point. And for the observant readers I used the hemband for the long sleeves in this picture, but there is plenty of room for the right ones as well.
To make the doubled collar, no way I was hemming this crazy fabric with a rolled or fold-over hem, I searched my stash for a fitting jersey and luckily found a gray one resembling the inner layer, evidence here:
Honestly, I can’t imagine at all to ever not make the doubled collar version. This makes it such a quick make. And I really like how it turned out:
But I am not so happy about the fit. In my humble opinion this pattern runs on the very small side. I cut a size M based on my measurements and it is quite tight across the back.
But, to not only blame the pattern, I didn’t check the measurements of the pattern before cutting. I guess I have been too lucky in the past – lesson learned. Later, I laid the back piece of this cardigan on top of the Renfrew back piece, what can I say, it could have been so easy. Beginner’s mistake! What was your last, tell me?
Considering that this is supposed to be at least a second layer I will go up one or maybe even two sizes for the next ones. And I will keep the armholes under close inspection. I lowered mine about 2 cm this time and they are still a bit tight. And I read on different blogs that the long sleeves a pretty wide at the bottom, so I will hopefully keep that in mind as well.
But it’s still wearable after all, and I like how the front drapes like the lapel of a blazer-ish top.

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  1. Wow that fabric is amazing, especially with your hair! I love the draped grey collar too. Hopefully over time, since it's a knit, the shoulder area will stretch with wear and fit just right :)

    1. Thanks! And fingers crossed! Hope so too!

  2. Looks good on you!
    (very interesting fabric - Love it)

    1. Thank you! I like the fabric too, the only flaw it has, little shreds all over the place. Hopefully that will stop alter a few more cycles in the washing machine.