12 June 2014

It’s done: The Scarlett O‘Hara Scout Tee

Hey everyone,
Why such a dramatic name for a Scout Tee you may ask. Well, have a look at my living room curtains:
It’s not green velvet, I know, but this is a close up of my latest Scout Tee by Grainline Studio:
Got it? My curtains are still completely intact and weren’t harmed during the making of my new summery Scout. From the hemming of the curtains I had small panels left, too small for a complete back or front, so I thought to myself why not turn this into a ‘design element’ and piece them together. And why not take it one step further and do it orthogonally?
I grabbed my existing Scout, marked a line where I liked the two pieces to meet, aligned the lines, sewed everything together with French seams, et voilà, enough fabric and eventually a new Scout.
The fabric is quite sheer, a camisole is definitively in order. It’s not like I don’t own any, but there is some beige silk in my stash… Now I’m arguing with myself if I will give the free Diana camisole pattern by sewloft a try or opt for the Camilla camisole by Tesutti. Diana or Camilla? Sounds like a decision Prince Charles had to make once. Experience with this patterns anyone? Tell me.
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Love the fabric and it looks Great on you!
    Isn't the Scout Tee the BEST?
    Half my wardrobe is turning out to be Scout Tees...

    1. Thank you! And yes, whenever I spot a pretty lightweight woven fabric I think to myself, this would do a nice Scout. Such a versatile pattern.