02 June 2014

Me-Made-May 2014 round 5

Well, it’s over. Me-Made-May 2014 is finally over. It’s time for the last round.
We will start with the only skirt I wore during May. I used this burda style pattern. There are actually only two other me-made skirts in my closed so far. I’m not really a skirt person due to many reasons, mostly the lack of occasions. I’m a scientist working in a lab, so during the week it’s all about long pants preferable made out of cotton. And I go almost everywhere (including work) by bike, a man’s bicycle to be precise, and these don’t work very well with skirts. And when I actually could wear a skirt I simply forget to put one on. I really need to work on that.

For a very hot and sunny Monday I wore my colour-explosion waterfall shirt using this burda style pattern. If you plan on making this shirt yourself, it runs big in size and the armholes are big, so make sure to put on nice underwear or simply make them smaller.

For another summery day I picked a shirt that isn’t a Renfrew. It’s the (free!) Kirsten KimonoTee by Maria Denmark. It got a freezer paper stenciling application to add a little colour. And the picture is totally reenacted. Look at my hair! It's short! I'm still getting used to it. No more lazy ponytail, we will see if it was the right decision.
But a week of Me-Made-May without a Renfrew shirt, impossible, at least for me. In my defense I added two extra features, a lined hood and a pouch (which you can’t see here, but it's there, trust me). Yes, you’ve heard right a hood and a pouch. Want to know how to do it? I’m preparing a tutorial.
At last the garment I feel the most indifferent about. It’s based on this burda style pattern. I made a high-low hem because of my general dislike for tunic-length and added some butterflies (mainly on the back)  to cover little holes in the fabric. I can’t precisely point out what I don’t like about it, but it was hard to pick out a picture I like. Maybe there is too much ruching going on, or is it the fact that the thread does not match the fabric, or that the neckline is a bit uneven, I just don’t know. Should I give it a chance, what do you think?
That’s it. I fulfilled my pledge of one handmade garment every day. I did a few repetitions but I would have had a few more aces up my sleeve. And most importantly, I kept blogging, big difference to Me-Made-May 2012.
Now it’s time for freshly made pieces on this blog. I've been productive, just come back and see for yourself.
Thanks for stopping by, Kat

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