24 June 2014

When the football rolls the needle waits...

Hey everyone!
It’s World Cup season (I’m talking about the scoccer/football Fifa World Cup in Brazil, in case you are wondering, big deal in scoccer/football-crazy Germany), making life and unfortunately also this blog to slow down a lot. You get home from work to watch the first match of the day immediately after you walked through the door and for the rest of the evening you try to squeeze as much daily obligations as possible into the few minutes between half times and matches and go to bed way too late. Tell me about sleep-deprived. But the group stage of this tournament is almost over and life will get back to normal-ish at least.
There were a few garments finished before the craziness started and very few started after, but apart from the time (see above) neither the light (Clouds and rain for over a week! Summer, where are you?) nor my mood were much for taking pictures. All I will give you are sneak peeks of what to expect in the next days. Let put it this way, I got the PerfectPatternParcel#3 amongst others.
There will be something made from white eyelet:
something floral:
and even more flowers (with neat topstitching I may add):
something striped
and something ripped!?!
A lot to see! Suggestions on the patterns I used? Have an educated guess!
And btw, I joined Sally from The Quirky Peach for her Summer Stashbust 2014. Meaning, there will be no fabric purchases between June 21th and September 21th. I’ve already banished fabric purchased until the beginning of October here but decided that doing this in a group will be much more fun. However, there has to be one exception. I mainly got the PPP#3 for its Bombshell swimsuit pattern and have definitively no suitable fabric in my stash. In case I find some pretty swimsuit fabric (why are nice and not granny-ish patterned fabrics so hard to find?), I will buy it, no matter what.
Have a overflowing stash yourself? Hop over and join in!
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