28 July 2014

It's done: The Rea Skirt by Sewaholic

Hey everyone!
I have still no completed Tap Shorts to show you but in the meantime Sewaholic released a new pattern, two to be precise but only the most recent spoke to me. I mean recent like in it was released on Thursday and I had in done by Saturday. Hallelujah to pdf patterns. The Rea Skirt is supposed to be a really beginner-friendly skirt and the instructions a very precise. Well, I’d consider myself not a beginner anymore (the welt pockets on the Tap Shorts still kind of scare me though, hence the procrastination) but especially this short denim version of this skirt was something I felt was missing in my closet, so within three hours it was made from cutting to finishing the last threads.
And here my version in a lighter blue denim, remnants from my bedroom curtains, the very same fabric I’m planning to use for the Tap Shorts once I got the muslin (also made from curtains) completed.

It seems to be longer than the one Tasia is wearing in the picture. I was a little bit surprised myself. I checked twice if I had gotten the wrong version printed out, because with 175 cm (about 5’9’’) I am usually not on the short side where I am in the need to shorten a pattern. Then it came to me, I’m wearing my skirt a few centimeters below my belly button while Tasia is wearing hers right at her waist.
That’s not going to happen over here but at least I know where the additional centimeters come from and I can easily eliminate them in the next one because I hate to alter finished garments if it isn’t absolutely necessary to get the fit right or something. Over the day wearing it I started to like it at this length (and it got the wrinkles you can see in the pictures).
The pattern is actually really simple and consists out of two different pattern pieces, not very much to print out. There are altogether six fabric pieces forming the skirt in case you were wondering, because from the technical drawing I thought there were only four. I think to finish these twelve seam allowances took the longest. And as once in a while the question arises on different blogs how accurate we are with matching the serger thread, I will show you the insides of my skirt.
I was lazy and kept the white, but especially because it’s denim I think the white finish of the seams gives a neat and fresh look. On other fabrics I might have a different opinion. Usually I like it a bit more matchy-matchy. How lazy are you about this?
It’s-  as already mentioned - a very beginner friendly pattern but in my opinion it can easily be used as a base for a few more ‘complicated’ additions, like in the side panels integrated pockets, or a separated waistband with belt loops to keep a belt in place to kind of cover the elastic casing. Just a few ideas of mine. If you are sensing further Rea skirts in my future, you are right. I could use a few more summery skirts. And as much as like to extend my repertoire of sewing skills, a quick and easy pattern can be just the right thing. Particularly in times when my directly under the roof located sewing room has a tropical climate you can only stand for very few hours in the evening.
You might have noticed that there have appeared already a few Sewaholic pattern based items on this blog. I don’t like all their designs, some are a bit to feminine or even lady-like for my personal taste, but the simpler ones usually appeal to me and the most important thing, it is the only pattern company I know so far, where all my measurements are in one - and I repeat – one column. How often happens this to you?
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24 July 2014

It's done: two Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie

Hey everyone!
It’s been a while. In the meantime we became Fifa World Champion!!! Want to know why apart from our glorious team, because I’m a good girl and renewed the application on Mr. Kat’s jersey. The original name imprint was coming loose and I fixed this by sewing felt letters over them.
I finished this about 20 minutes before the match started. What a lucky girl I am that he once chose the jersey of Miroslav Klose with only five letters in his name, since we have guys with names long as M-E-R-T-E-S-A-C-K-E-R or S-C-H-W-E-I-N-S-T-E-I-G-E-R in our team. In the end this was all sewing I did for the big finale. I had plans for sewing yellow shorts for the big day to combine them with a red shirt and a black cardi but this stayed a plan and it still worked.
Speaking of shorts. After complaining quite a lot that summer has vanished here, it’s back! In full force! Perfect weather for the Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie.
I’ve told before that I bought the last PerfectPatternParcel#3 and this package was a nice SummerPerfectPatternParcel including said shorts if you were willing to spend more than $28 on this package, which I was.
The pattern comes with two length options. For the first version I made the longer one. With a back patch pocket on the left side, because I am left handed and mainly use the ones on the left with my other pants.
With the variable inseam length comes something I don’t get about the pattern. The instruction tells you, that the longer version has an inseam of 5’’. By cutting off a strip at marked line you get an inseam of 1.25’’. Nothing special so far in general, my problem is here that this strip is only 2.5’’ high. 5 – 2.5 = 1.25??? If you have any idea how this works, please enlighten me. I’ve been scratching my head about this for some time now and I like to keep my hair.
I like this pair quite a lot but I’m not sure how far I can take them: my house, the back yard, front yard, the lake or beach? Will my neighbors think that I’m still running around in my pajamas in the late afternoon?
See all the nice topstitching on the bias tape. These shorts don’t need much but be prepared for endless seams. Not much isn’t completely right, before you start your own version make sure you have enough bias tape on hand. I just stared without the instruction, chose some fabric from my stash (Hello Summer Stashbust!) and some matching bias tape and began cutting and sewing. Somewhere in the middle I checked the instructions for something else and stumbled across the required amount of bias tape, 5 yards is the only number given. Well, I had started with a brand new package of 3 meters (about 3.3 yds) and panicked a little. I tried to calm myself by telling me that since it was store bought (about three years ago) it would probably still be available in the same color. But for reference I made a size 8 and this is what I had left of my 3.3 yards:
Close call!
The size chart is a little bit different from other patterns. It just gives you the finished hip width and tells you to choose the size slightly bigger (about 1’' more) than you hip measurement. I was a little coward here and tried it with about 2’’ more. For a woven fabric that is okay but smaller would also work.
I liked the style of the shorts so much that I made a second pair with leftover fabric (Hello Summer Stashbust again) from the hoodie in this post and a million meters of leftover bias tape made for this little number.

This time the inseam is 1’’ shorter, it has no back pocket (laziness is the only reason) and the waistband is a separated piece.
I like this style a bit more than the original. This thin sweatshirt fabric as no real stretch per se but for this version at least one size smaller but have been better. It’s nothing major and both pair have been in heavy rotation during the last evenings at home. I have plans for a more (dressier) versions but before that can happen I want at least finish my (hopefully, the fabric/curtain grow a lot on me) wearable muslin of my Tap shorts by Katy&Laney. Here is a sneak peek:
I’m off to enjoy another nice summer evening in my back yard.
If you are living in the northern hemisphere tell me about you summer sewing plans or summer go-to patterns and for those in the wintery southern hemisphere let me tell you, summer will return eventually, hang in there!
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11 July 2014

It's done: A cropped Scout Tee

Hey everyone,
First things first, the making of my Diana camisole paid off. We made it to the World Cup Finale!!!
Before the soccer/football craziness started I made another Scout Tee. What can I say, I love this pattern. It’s so versatile. I have made three so far (no. 1 here and no. 2 here) and you can hardly tell that these are based on the very same pattern. Okay, one has got a neckline variation, but regardless, the fabric choice alone would have made this a dressy version even with the original pattern.
This time it is what I made from afore mentioned white eyelet.
When I had the half-finished shirt laying around my sewing room Mr. Kat asked if I was sewing with curtains again;-) I cannot remember whether I bought this fabric in summer 2013 or 2012. Anyway, it is old enough for the Summer Stashbust 2014.
I wanted to use the scalloped selvage for the hem and the hem of the Scout is almost a straight line, hence the pattern choice. Problem was, I had only a bit more than 1 meter and the scallops were only on one side. Well, I got creative here and jumped right on the crop-top-wagon.
A look I haven’t been wearing for ages.
Because this kind of fabric doesn’t have any drape, I got some weird wrinkles at the back right at the armholes, the pattern is for a boxy shirt after all. I just realized this after I had already sewn in one sleeve with French seam and everything, of course. For a quick fix to get rid of the wrinkling I cut the back armholes slightly bigger in the middle tapered to nothing at the shoulder and side seam one the side without the sleeve already sewn in, don’t ask how the other French seam looks like from the inside. It’s still not perfect but more than just wearable.
Want to know how much of the border I had left? It’s a 1 cm grid on the cutting mat.
It’s for sure to say that I got as much length as possible out of the fabric. I’m still getting used to this style and should seriously think about actually taking the Pilates class I’ve been eyeing for a while now. So much bare skin! And I definitively need some high-waisted shorts to go with this, considering summer will eventually return. What a lovely coincidence it is, that there is a sew-along going on over at the Katy&Laney blog for their Tap Shorts. I’m in and I will be sewing with leftovers from my bedroom curtains;-) This stash is going to be nonexistent after this summer!
But before I will catch up with the sew-along, the most important question for the moment is:
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08 July 2014

It's done: The Diana Camisole by Sewloft, supporters edition

Hey everyone,
this is going to be a very short post, because our national team has reached the semi final in the Fifa World Cup and kick off is in only a few hours.
Since the World Cup took place in Germany in 2006 it has become custom to add a little bit of black, red and gold (our national colors, the gold is mostly yellow) to your wardrobe, jewelry, car, bike, dog, whatever to support our team, especially on matchdays.
I already made two tops in the previous years which kind of reflect the recurring look of the jerseys our team is wearing. But they look very sportive, so this time I thought I could create a more elegant look with the national colors added as a tiny, subtle detail.
This is what I came up with:

Can't see the black-red-gold detail, come closer
It's is made from a dark-gray linen fabric from my stash and braided embroidery floss. The fabric has been there for approximately two years, making this another qualifier for the Summer Stashbust 2014. The rest of it is supposed to become a tablecloth for our dining table some day with some hemstitching. What can I say, I got very easily inspired by this post from the Colette Blog in 2012, bought the fabric and the wing needle and that's it. Why can't inspiration strike balanced to my available sewing time? Guess where my stash comes from! Are you the same, easily inspired with too little time?

Let's focus on the top again. It's a combination of the free Diana camisole pattern by Sewloft
and this Pinterest inspiration.
Instead of straps I added tiny loops made from self-fabric on the bias (took ages). I wasn’t feeling like fiddling around with more bias tape to finish the neckline, so I added a self-drafted facing.
Because my serger is currently sporting white thread I just went with an overlock-stitch of my regular sewing machine. The best is; the string is interchangeable! Think of all the possibilities when the World Cup is over! I’m not sure if I will ever braid another one, this one took over one hour. That’s what I call dedication. Hopefully it will pay off. I really like the top, now I need one in every color for summer, which is currently awol, but before that can happen, there is a match I have to watch.
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