11 July 2014

It's done: A cropped Scout Tee

Hey everyone,
First things first, the making of my Diana camisole paid off. We made it to the World Cup Finale!!!
Before the soccer/football craziness started I made another Scout Tee. What can I say, I love this pattern. It’s so versatile. I have made three so far (no. 1 here and no. 2 here) and you can hardly tell that these are based on the very same pattern. Okay, one has got a neckline variation, but regardless, the fabric choice alone would have made this a dressy version even with the original pattern.
This time it is what I made from afore mentioned white eyelet.
When I had the half-finished shirt laying around my sewing room Mr. Kat asked if I was sewing with curtains again;-) I cannot remember whether I bought this fabric in summer 2013 or 2012. Anyway, it is old enough for the Summer Stashbust 2014.
I wanted to use the scalloped selvage for the hem and the hem of the Scout is almost a straight line, hence the pattern choice. Problem was, I had only a bit more than 1 meter and the scallops were only on one side. Well, I got creative here and jumped right on the crop-top-wagon.
A look I haven’t been wearing for ages.
Because this kind of fabric doesn’t have any drape, I got some weird wrinkles at the back right at the armholes, the pattern is for a boxy shirt after all. I just realized this after I had already sewn in one sleeve with French seam and everything, of course. For a quick fix to get rid of the wrinkling I cut the back armholes slightly bigger in the middle tapered to nothing at the shoulder and side seam one the side without the sleeve already sewn in, don’t ask how the other French seam looks like from the inside. It’s still not perfect but more than just wearable.
Want to know how much of the border I had left? It’s a 1 cm grid on the cutting mat.
It’s for sure to say that I got as much length as possible out of the fabric. I’m still getting used to this style and should seriously think about actually taking the Pilates class I’ve been eyeing for a while now. So much bare skin! And I definitively need some high-waisted shorts to go with this, considering summer will eventually return. What a lovely coincidence it is, that there is a sew-along going on over at the Katy&Laney blog for their Tap Shorts. I’m in and I will be sewing with leftovers from my bedroom curtains;-) This stash is going to be nonexistent after this summer!
But before I will catch up with the sew-along, the most important question for the moment is:
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