08 July 2014

It's done: The Diana Camisole by Sewloft, supporters edition

Hey everyone,
this is going to be a very short post, because our national team has reached the semi final in the Fifa World Cup and kick off is in only a few hours.
Since the World Cup took place in Germany in 2006 it has become custom to add a little bit of black, red and gold (our national colors, the gold is mostly yellow) to your wardrobe, jewelry, car, bike, dog, whatever to support our team, especially on matchdays.
I already made two tops in the previous years which kind of reflect the recurring look of the jerseys our team is wearing. But they look very sportive, so this time I thought I could create a more elegant look with the national colors added as a tiny, subtle detail.
This is what I came up with:

Can't see the black-red-gold detail, come closer
It's is made from a dark-gray linen fabric from my stash and braided embroidery floss. The fabric has been there for approximately two years, making this another qualifier for the Summer Stashbust 2014. The rest of it is supposed to become a tablecloth for our dining table some day with some hemstitching. What can I say, I got very easily inspired by this post from the Colette Blog in 2012, bought the fabric and the wing needle and that's it. Why can't inspiration strike balanced to my available sewing time? Guess where my stash comes from! Are you the same, easily inspired with too little time?

Let's focus on the top again. It's a combination of the free Diana camisole pattern by Sewloft
and this Pinterest inspiration.
Instead of straps I added tiny loops made from self-fabric on the bias (took ages). I wasn’t feeling like fiddling around with more bias tape to finish the neckline, so I added a self-drafted facing.
Because my serger is currently sporting white thread I just went with an overlock-stitch of my regular sewing machine. The best is; the string is interchangeable! Think of all the possibilities when the World Cup is over! I’m not sure if I will ever braid another one, this one took over one hour. That’s what I call dedication. Hopefully it will pay off. I really like the top, now I need one in every color for summer, which is currently awol, but before that can happen, there is a match I have to watch.
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. This is so lovely! The embroidery floss is such a classy way to add some game day flair. I've been wanting to try out this pattern too, and it's definitely moving up the list after seeing your version. And congrats on the amazing win! I'm sure Germany's one big party right now!

    1. Thank you, Lindsay. What can I say, go for it, it is a quick make.
      And I guess nobody expected such a clear result yesterday evening. The excitement is almost palpable now. This morning I’d definitively say that the general mood was happier, tired still, but a lot more joyful than usually. Fingers crossed for Sunday night!

  2. Very lovely love the detials

  3. Thank you Kely! The best is, it worked. We won the Championship!