28 July 2014

It's done: The Rea Skirt by Sewaholic

Hey everyone!
I have still no completed Tap Shorts to show you but in the meantime Sewaholic released a new pattern, two to be precise but only the most recent spoke to me. I mean recent like in it was released on Thursday and I had in done by Saturday. Hallelujah to pdf patterns. The Rea Skirt is supposed to be a really beginner-friendly skirt and the instructions a very precise. Well, I’d consider myself not a beginner anymore (the welt pockets on the Tap Shorts still kind of scare me though, hence the procrastination) but especially this short denim version of this skirt was something I felt was missing in my closet, so within three hours it was made from cutting to finishing the last threads.
And here my version in a lighter blue denim, remnants from my bedroom curtains, the very same fabric I’m planning to use for the Tap Shorts once I got the muslin (also made from curtains) completed.

It seems to be longer than the one Tasia is wearing in the picture. I was a little bit surprised myself. I checked twice if I had gotten the wrong version printed out, because with 175 cm (about 5’9’’) I am usually not on the short side where I am in the need to shorten a pattern. Then it came to me, I’m wearing my skirt a few centimeters below my belly button while Tasia is wearing hers right at her waist.
That’s not going to happen over here but at least I know where the additional centimeters come from and I can easily eliminate them in the next one because I hate to alter finished garments if it isn’t absolutely necessary to get the fit right or something. Over the day wearing it I started to like it at this length (and it got the wrinkles you can see in the pictures).
The pattern is actually really simple and consists out of two different pattern pieces, not very much to print out. There are altogether six fabric pieces forming the skirt in case you were wondering, because from the technical drawing I thought there were only four. I think to finish these twelve seam allowances took the longest. And as once in a while the question arises on different blogs how accurate we are with matching the serger thread, I will show you the insides of my skirt.
I was lazy and kept the white, but especially because it’s denim I think the white finish of the seams gives a neat and fresh look. On other fabrics I might have a different opinion. Usually I like it a bit more matchy-matchy. How lazy are you about this?
It’s-  as already mentioned - a very beginner friendly pattern but in my opinion it can easily be used as a base for a few more ‘complicated’ additions, like in the side panels integrated pockets, or a separated waistband with belt loops to keep a belt in place to kind of cover the elastic casing. Just a few ideas of mine. If you are sensing further Rea skirts in my future, you are right. I could use a few more summery skirts. And as much as like to extend my repertoire of sewing skills, a quick and easy pattern can be just the right thing. Particularly in times when my directly under the roof located sewing room has a tropical climate you can only stand for very few hours in the evening.
You might have noticed that there have appeared already a few Sewaholic pattern based items on this blog. I don’t like all their designs, some are a bit to feminine or even lady-like for my personal taste, but the simpler ones usually appeal to me and the most important thing, it is the only pattern company I know so far, where all my measurements are in one - and I repeat – one column. How often happens this to you?
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  1. LOL I feel the same about their patterns - some are way too feminine for me - but like you, all my measurements miraculously fit into one column! Lovely skirt you've made here. :)

    1. Thank you Kristin! I’m glad someone has the same taste I have.