04 August 2014

It's done: Flowery Tap Shorts by Katy&Laney

Hey everyone!
When I made my cropped Scout Tee I immediately decided that I needed some high waisted shorts to go with it. And so I did.
I went for the recently released Tap Shorts pattern by Katy&Laney and followed their sew-along. I chose to make a view A in combination with back 2 (welt pockets). And since I had to grade between two sizes and had never sewn anything with a welt (it’s the same as the German word for "world" I just realized after reading it quite a lot lately) I decided to make a muslin.
For the pictures I combined it with the white Scout Tee as intended, but the white has an almost radioactive glow in nearly all pictures. Have you any tips how to avoid this? Tell me, please!
I think calling these shorts a muslin is a crime. I looovvveee them! Totally out of my normal clothing range (both style and fabric) but I am glad I decided to make them properly with matching piping and eventually really nice single welt pockets, considering I made these for the first time.
The instructions during the sew-along where very precise and helpful and made this a totally doable operation. Another sewing skill to conquer ticked off my list! Bound buttonholes here I come!
I was a complete sewing rebel here and placed the zipper on the right, gasp, side. Since I am left-handed I like it better this way, so what. And speaking of zippers I had to shorten mine but left it long enough so that the end would be caught in the hem of the right leg.
No scratching of the unfinished end against my thigh. And these few stiches aren’t what are marking the end of the zipper’s way down, there is also a tiny drop of super glue helping them.
The fit was almost spot on on first try, I just had to take in the side seams like 5 millimeters on both sides and that’s it. I just love when the sizing is accurate! So much easier!
I rebelled a second time with this pattern and omitted the interfacing on the waistband. I was afraid since I usually don’t wear anything right at my waist it might get uncomfortable and too stiff. We will see how the fabric will hold up.
A few words about the fabric (stashbusting again!), these are cotton curtains from my boss' house. Is that weird? At work we have a swap table (at least that’s what I call it) where you can place stuff you don’t need anymore. Normally it is a lot of books and decoration knickknack but once in a while somebody will bring tablecloths or, like here, curtains. That‘s when I get excited. And I’m pretty sure that I saw my boss' wife bringing them. I guess I owe her a picture at least.
Since I luckily didn’t need to alter the fit much I will hopefully get around to make the intended denim version with the same fabric as my Rea skirt soon and maybe also a orangy red denim one (note to myself, buy a matching zipper) as well. That’s how much I love this pattern, which surprised me the most after all. Has this happened to you lately?
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  1. It's so funny that your boss' old curtains became such cute shorts! The fit looks perfect. And I'm super impressed with your welt pockets!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I know, I told it at work and everybody was like: You did what?!? That’s what I love about sewing, nobody could say that about their rtw-shorts.