07 September 2014

All good things come to an end..

and so has this long-needed vacation. Mr. Kat and I rented a beachhouse with a breathtaking view over the sea in the middle of nowwhere at the Baltic Sea in Denmark. For a week we did not do much accept taking advantage of the short distance to the beach, at least Mr. Kat did it everyday I was a sissy and entered the icecold coolish water only once, discovering several beaches which we almost had to ourself most of the time and exploring tiny fishing villages. In short, a week of pure leisure and relaxation.
The marina of Grenaa, very Scandinavian don't you think
Since I wouldn't bring something sewing related to do during the time I tried at least to do a Me-Made-Vacation and bring as much self-sewn clothes as possible. I chose red, blue, white and black as my color palette. If you count gray to black this is about 90% of my closet so it didn't help a lot to narrow down my travelling wardrobe. I'm a girl, so of course I totally overpacked. The weather forecast didn't help either. When we started our trip, we were promised a full week of rain.
I took a picture of my outfit in front of the mirror in our house hoping that I could catch the view we got to enjoy in the reflection but that didn't work. So I have it included seperatly in the collage I made.
1. Scout Tee 2. Kirsten Kimono Tee and Rea Skirt 3. unblogged Burda Style Top 4. unblogged Renfrew Top 5.&7. unblogged Zoela Top 6. Burda Style Cocoon Cardigan

You can see the rain we had in the beginning and at the end of our week there in the picture of the still amazing view we got to enjoy everyday.
Because a first glimpse of fall came very early this year to Northern Europe I changed my sewing plans shortly before the vacation and put away the more summery projects I wanted to make at first, including a Bombshell swimsuit and more Tap Shorts. But on the positive side I took a few freshly made tops with me (No. 3, 4, 5 (7)) which will be properly introduced to you in separate posts in the hopefully near future.
Speaking of fall, are you ready for a new season already? I am afraid I am not done with summer yet. There are still a few projects I want to do but won't be able to take them outside before next year. Should I go for them or is it more reasonable to start with my fall/winter plans, of which I also have plenty already?

Normally whenever I go somewhere I do my research on fabric stores in the area. This time I was (and still am) committed to Sally's Summer Stashbust and to avoid the temptation I did not do such thing. But of course when you aren't allowed to buy fabric there are still a few necessary things you can buy.

Let's have a closer look on what I brought home with me. Pretty buttons!
Aren't the black cats and the single violet one adorable? They came in a package together with the other violet buttons (I don't care much about violet, but these cats needed to come home with me).
And some very sparkly ladybugs.
I think I will apply a coat of clear nail polish on them since everything in their surroundings immediately starts to sparkle.
A danish sewing pattern (in danish, I'm still figuring out if this company has the seam allowance included or not) for a jumpsuit
as well as one for a blouse/dress. (I can already see the plaid version I will make).
At the fabric market in my home town (our cat Juli stayed with my parents for the week, and we sticked around for a few days after we came back and the luck would have it that the biannual fabric market took place the very day after our return) I came across a few very tempting fabric bolts but stayed strong and only got two trims for two Kimono jackets (a free pattern from Sew Caroline) I have in the making.
I'm actually wearing the one with the dark blue trim the moment I'm writing this. Watch out for them. I'm totally sold on this trend.
I also got a wooden crochet hook in a size I could never find in Germany. I guess I only remembered this because I brought a crochet project with me I had started a few month before but it hadn't gotten much attention lately. At home usually sewing wins over crochet so this was the perfect moment.
Actually, I got it to the six skulls in a row stage and it is close to finished. If you are interested in the pattern, it can be found here.
Enough with the recap. Has your summer vacation brought you new sewing stuff of any kind or is it still to come? Aren't I the only one who can't completly step away from her hobby when she is away?

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