08 October 2014

The shoes of my life

Hey everyone,
it’s been a while and it’s definitively fall now. All the chestnuts on my way to work can’t lie. I’m in full swing on planning my fall/winter sewing projects. An unfinished winter coat with fitting issues is still lurking in my sewing room. Hopefully we will become friends this time around. We will see, one should never stop trying.
But before I will dive into my long and season revised sewing list I have two smaller and non-sewing projects to share with you. With the cold and dark season approaching I’m already dreading my constant cold feet which inevitable come with it. This phenomenon is already a gigantic joke in my family resulting in at least one pair of (sometimes truly ugly) thermal socks or like as a present for Christmas for me. But this year, since I learned how to crochet this February, there is no need to wait until December to have taken care of my precious feet. I crocheted some slip-ons Converse-style!!!
Aren’t they cute? And isn’t my little furry photo bomber as well? I followed this tutorial on You Tube and had them done in about two evenings.
Here is another pic with a side view, just because.
They reflect my love for this shoe style very well and now I can even wear them at home snuggling on my couch.
And because I love these shoes so much there happened to be a very beaten-up pair in my possession. Looking sad, right?
But letting go of them? No way! Combine them with the recent long weekend we got to enjoy in Germany and some textile paint and there are shiny as new. Or should I say galactic as new?
I even thought to include the stellar constellation of my zodiac sign and they sparkle (not captured in the photos, but they do)!!! I just love how they turned out!
It was such a fun thing to do. I had to force myself to stop at a certain point to not over do it.

Once in a while a girl as to enjoy her love for shoes and combine them with her other creative passions, don’t you think. Done this as well recently? But the next post will be sewing related again, promised.
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Those shoes (slippers?) are absolutely adorable. I've never seen anything like them before. And they look so comfy!

    1. Thanks Anelise! They are so comfy that even Mr. Kat requested his own pair. In a manlier color scheme of course.