Meet me

Hey everyone,

I'm Kat from Germany and I like to sew and be creative in many other different ways, but mainly I sew.

I cannot remember the moment I hold a needle for the first time, sewing was part of my upbringing. From my first real salary a few years ago I bought a really nice sewing machine and got a burda style subscription and haven't stopped sewing ever since.
Around the same time I started reading sewing blogs and got stuck with those from the English speaking world. That is the reason why I decided to write mine in English as well, when I thought is was time to become an active part in the online sewing community.
So please keep im mind, I'm no native-speaker, so funny expression and a wild mixture of British and American English will occur (never could tell certain expressions apart). Please, be nice to me but don't hesitate to correct me when I'm terribly wrong or making no sense at all.

What is there alse to tell about me:

there is a Mr. Kat in my life who inspires me the most when he thinks he isn't,

we have a cat I love to pieces, meet Juli:

I'm pretty much a sneaker-jeans-t-shirt-hoodie-kind of guy, so you will probably see a lot of these sewn by me (I need to conquer the jeans!),
I'm a lactose-intolerant vegetarian with a (hopefully) sustainable life-style, not easy to feed say others, I totally disagree, of course,
I'm left-handed making me a needle/hook-involving outcast for a long time and I just learned to crochet this February thanks to You Tube, still no idea how to knit,
I'm a scientist at day (no need for skirts or shorts), nerdiness is part of the deal, be prepared!

Get in touch: herecomesthaket (a) gmail (dot) com

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